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About Hume Turf

Hume Turf and Machinery Pty Ltd is a family business that was established in May 1995. Prior to this the company was known as Graden Turf Care Services.

Since its inception, the company has thrived, establishing themselves as a market leader in their region with a vast array of skills, experience and equipment.

The managers of Hume Turf and Machinery Pty Ltd collectively bring experience in construction and maintenance of turf wickets, tennis courts, sports ovals, reserves and open grassland areas to note a few. This is combined with knowledge of irrigation, horticulture and the agricultural sector.

Hume Turf and Machinery’s commitment to the service and quality we provide is of high importance. Our company has branched out to clients all throughout Victoria and interstate, building a loyal client base which we continuously expand each year.

Our future direction includes growth in employment opportunities within our company in all areas of operation and administration. Our machinery is regularly updated to for maximum efficiency and we take pride in being industry leaders collaborating with other organisations in research and development. Commitment to the environment is a quality issue that the company prides itself on as we continue to grow and develop our technology and refine our expertise.

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